Man Walks By

In the winter of 2012, I was walking along Quincy Street in Harvard Square when I passed by a man whose cologne took me back in time. It reminded me how powerful a scent can be, making us think of a place long ago or a person we used to know - Allison

Man walks by, don’t even catch his eye,
And suddenly, I’m thinking of you.
A hint of cologne you used to call your own,
That smell reminds me of you.

Years passed by in the blink of an eye,
Before you and I were through.
Now that man walks by, I think about you and I,
And then I think only of you.

I think of Day One, I knew you weren’t the One,
But hey, you were so damn cute.
With that sexy smile, we could just talk for a while.
Or just be, when the talking was through.

Where are you these days, I heard your heart was set ablaze
By someone completely new.
I think of your child, with her beautiful smile,
And then, I think only of you.

These days I’m good, I’m doing exactly what I should,
I’m doing what I need to do.
But all it takes is some little mistake,
And something reminds me of you.

A song on the radio, some haunting tune,
It stops me in my shoes.
When that song drifts by, I think about you and I,
And then, I think only of you.

Man walks by, and in the blink of an eye,
I’m in a place that I always knew.
I want to cry but I can’t explain why,
‘Cause I’m glad that you and I are through.

But still, I think only of you.